Wall Split

Wall split air conditioning systems have grown in popularity over the last 5 years  and have had  a massive growth period. Thousands of Australianpanasonic wall split condensor home owners have come to appreciate the high efficient, low cost and affordable wall split air conditioning systems.

The system heats and cools your home, it also gives you the ability to keep your budget tight and heat or cool one room at a time. You then have the option of installing more wall splits in different rooms of your home as your budget allows.

The wall split system is also suitable for homes were ducted air conditioning systems cannot be installed. The installation of the wall split system will generally take up to 2-4 hours and the standard pricing is based on back to back installation. The more complex your installation the higher your installation cost will be.

With the ever increasing technology in the market place a lot of manufactures are now producing more efficient wall split systems  and adding more and more features. They have also lifted the design on the head unit (internal part) putting different finishes and some cases led displays, the more features that are offered generally the higher the cost.

There are many different brands of wall split systems available on the market when comparing prices insure you are comparing the same features. There are still fix speed wall splits system on the market which are cheaper than your standard inverter system the main difference between the two systems is the running costs. Buying a wall split inverter system your running cost will be cheaper in the long term.


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