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Ducted Panasonic Air Conditioning Perth Diy

Ducted Panasonic Air Conditioning Perth Diy

Ducted Panasonic Air conditioning Perth Diy system is a great way to cool your home for the hot long summer that is fast approaching. A diy system can save you thousands of dollars and can be installed by a quality handy man with a little bit of guidance. There are of coarse some jobs that you have to have Qualified people like the electrical connection and the refrigeration has to be carried out by a qualified refrigeration.

panasonic ducted inverter

When buying a Ducted air conditioning diy system there are quite a few things to consider one of the most important in my opinion is brand of the unit Panasonic offers a high quality range of ducted inverters that come with a 5 year warranty it is a well finished off unit. If you are looking for a cheaper option there are  other brands available that also offer a 5 year warranty but if you go down this road make sure you do your research,  a cheaper option can vary the price up to $3000.00.

Another important consideration is the components used in your ducted air conditioning system such as the type and quality of flexible ducting that is used. The zoning of your ducted Panasonic air conditioning system  is generally controlled by motorised dampers, there are as  some companies out there selling diy ducted systems with manual dampers instead of motorised damper as there is a large price difference so as the old saying goes compare apples with apples and watch out for the traps.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting different articles on the different components used in ducted air conditioning Diy systems so stay tuned if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Specials

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Specials are available up until the end of November

So if you are considering a ducted air conditioning system in Perth and would like a quality system I would suggest you have a look at this great offerwhile stocks last. The Panasonic ducted air conditioning system comes with a full 5 year warranty with sizes ranging from 6.0 kw up to 14.0kw.

Panasonic ducted air conditioning

We can offer a fully installed price with installation of your system available within 10 days  of signing contract. Your fully installed system would come with a full 5 year  warranty on installation and all components used. The job will be completed in the same day generally weather permitting. We only use a quality flexible ducting made right here in Perth and good quality metal motorised dampers that control the zoning within your home. Our contractors have years of experience and carry out a problem free job in an acceptable time fame.

We can also offer a do it yourself ducted air conditioning were we  size up your home and do a flexible ducting layout plan with advise on machine recommendations. This method can save you up to $1000.00 depending  on the size of your home. We can also supply contacts for the trades you will may need to commission you Panasonic ducted air conditioning system. The Refrigeration and electrical will need to be done by qualified trades to ensure your warranty is not voided. The diy option should take approximately 8 hours to put in a little shorter time if done in the cooler months.

So if you would like a quote or more information on  Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Panasonic Specials feel free to contact us just follow the Ducted Air conditioning Perth