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Components used in ducted air conditioning systems

It is very important to choose the right quality of Components used in ducted air conditioning systems. Some people tend to look at the brand of unit and the price and not much else. This is a big mistake in my opinion. I will cover a few of the components and the differences in the quality and what potential problems poor quality parts may cause.

  1. Ducted air conditioning flexible ductingFlexible ducting is one of the most important parts of your ducted air conditioning system. A poor choice of contractor could mean the wrong product is used or he may use a inferior product. The flexible ducting standards have recently change and the product now has to be made to Australian standard. This over time might lift the standard of the products supplied to the Perth air conditioning market. Three  questions I would ask your air conditioning contractor. Is the product Australian made if he hesitates do your home work and ask his supplier. Is the product labelled with the appropriate standard and printed. What R rating of insulation is being supplied. The minimum R rating that should be getting used is R 1.0
  2. motorised damperMotorised Damper is another important part of your reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system. Because there are many different types of motorised dampers. which can plan a part in the overall design and performance of your system. We us a quality steel motorised and have done for the last eight years we have not had any fail. Different motorised dampers are used with different zone control systems. Several manufacturers have designed there own zone control gear. In turn you have to use there fittings and dampers this can push the cost up sharply. Some of the brand names are  Advantage Air they supply the My air system which uses plastic fittings with damper blades so you have to buy all there fittings and control panels and cables.
  3. Air diffusion is another important part of your ducted air conditioning system. Depending on the application there are several different types. A few example like circular ceiling vents, square 4 way blow ceiling diffusers and for specific applications. We also have linear diffuser which are well suited for high end homes or homes with bulk heads.

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