Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi heavy industries Perth (2)Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a well recognised brand in the Perth air conditioning industry . I consider it one of the value for money brands offering reliability and performance that goes head to head with the other brands and in some cases has features the other brands do not have.

Mitsubishi heavy industries has a large range of different models for different applications. For the domestic market they have a large range of inverter wall splits which are good for heating or cooling one room at a time.

Mitsubishi Heavy industries

Mitsubishi Heavy industries ducted air conditioning systems are the perfect choice when you want to heat and cool your whole home. The product range goes from 7.1 kw up to a massive 20kw range this range would heat or cool most Perth homes. When the system is designed and zoned correctly using good quality components and a well experience Air conditioning Perth company the system will meet your expectations for years to come.  Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is also one of the most efficient forms of heating your home now that the inverter range has been introduced.

Mitsubishi also do a large range of wall splits ranging from 2.0kw right up to 9.2 kw. The wall split is a great product for doing single rooms of various sizes.



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