Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is the best

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is the best form of air conditioning in humid weather.

The last 3-4 weeks in Perth has been very humid weather and has been setting lots of records withcoolair unit very warm over night temperatures with the increase in humidity. The ducted evaporative air conditioning system in Perth has become less effective with the weather patterns changing.Evaporative air conditioning works well in hot dry weather but as the humidity rises the cooling performance of the evaporative air conditioning unit drops away and on some days has no effect at all apart from air movement. The evaporative cooling system works on the principal of drawing hot dry air through wet pads which in turn changes the air to a coll air which is then distributed through your home

As for the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system It  works very well regardless of the humidity mitsubishi condensorthere are lots of reliable brands available on the market today and several mitsbishi fan coildifferent types Non inverter and Inverters. With the weather changes in Perth and the increase in efficiency lots of people are flocking towards ducted reverse cycle systems. Mitsubishi electric  is a great brand and the name has stood the test of time offering a 5 year warranty in the inverter model. Ducted reverse cycle systems starts of at around 6.0kw in size and can rang right up to about 23kw for domestic installations with prices ranging from $6000.00 up to $25000.00. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems have 2 main parts an outdoor unit and an indoor unit they are connect with copper refrigeration pipe and a gas passes between the 2 to heat and cool your home

If you would like more information on ducted reverse cycle systems contact us on 9 271 8643 we can offer a diy system or can arrange for complete design and installation at a very competitive price.

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