Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Ducted Evaporative cooling is a cost effective way of providing ducted air conditioning to cool your whole of home.

Principals of Ducted  Evaporative Cooling

On days when the heat and humidity have become uncomfortable, people in all climates goDucted Evaporative air conditioning Perth to the lakes or beaches to be cool. The five reasons why they are cool and comfortable are the same five reasons why an evaporative air conditioner continuously circulates out side air through wet filters.  This process lowers the temperature of the air through evaporation of water in the wet filters This cool, fresh, filtered air is then directed into the area to be cooled. The cool breeze at the sea shore is air in motion that has been cooled by the same process of water evaporation. The fresh air from an ducted evaporative air conditioner and the fresh cool air at the sea side are identical.

Lower actual temperature

Hot outside air is drawn through wetted filter pads. The actual temperature is lowered and cool air enters the rooms to be cooled.

Lower effective temperature

This is the temperature that people ‘feel’, as a result of air movements over the body and should not be confused with the actual temperature as read from an ordinary thermometer on a hot day. When sitting in a breeze we feel cooler, even though the air stream is the same temperature as in the still air. This cooling effect of air in motion is due to increased skin surface evaporation and a increased body air circulation rate.

Reduces radiated heat to occupants

Under normal temperatures conditions heat is radiated from the human body to surrounding walls etc. However, as the wall temperature approaches 34-35 degrees c, the heat is radiated from the walls to the human body. In ducted evaporative air conditioning, the cool air absorbs heat from walls and ceilings, thus allowing people occupying the room to radiate at a faster rate, and so to keep cooler.

100% Fresh air

With ducted evaporative air conditioning there is a constant change of air in the room. 100% fresh air is constantly entering the room forcing out the spent air. The ducted air in the room is never recirculated.

Filtered air

Outside air often contains dust, pollen and foreign matter. In ducted evaporative cooling this outside air passes through wet filters which washes the pollen and dirt from the air. The air blowing into the room also causes a slight pressurisation of the room through doors and windows


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