Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Heat and Cool your home

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Heat and Cool your home

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Heat and Cool your home, We are now in the middle of summer and the temperatures are starting to rise and the sleepless nights have started. A Panasonic ducted inverter air conditioner is a great way to cool your home.

panasonic perthHave you ever thought of installing your ducted air conditioning system as a DIY Project it is a great way of saving over one thousand dollars and  for you to have the satisfaction  of installing the system yourself. The tools you will need to install the system your self are basic tools like a ladder,saw, drill. The ducted air conditioning system will take less than a day to install and you will need to arrange a license electrician and refrigeration mechanic for your system to maintain its warranty and to conform with all legal requirements. Te components we supply as part f your kit are proven products on the market we will also supply a detail flexible ducting layout and spend some time explaining all the tricks of the trade

So if you would like more information on a Ducted air conditioning as a diy project  email me your plans for a free no obligation quote we have good stocks of most models so supply can be within a couple of days of order being placed.

If a diy ducted air conditioning system is not for you we can arrange a fully installed system using top quality component’s like a high quality Flexible Ducting made right here in Perth we also use quality quality brand of air conditioning systems like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu’s,samsung and many more. so contact us now and we will help you with ducted air conditioning system in Perth to suit all budgets.

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