Evaporative Air conditioning

Evaporative Air conditioning systems are well suited to Perth’s hot dry climate.evaporative-air-conditioning perth.jpg A basic description of a ducted evaporative air conditioning cooling system. An evaporative cooler mounted on a metal or plastic dropper. The dropper is  mounted in a central position within your home. The dropper has 3 or 4 larger diameter holes at the base. Flexible ducting is then connected to the base of the dropper. Which then  distributes air through out your home entering each room through air conditioning vents.

Brands of Evaporative air conditioning

There are lots of different brands of evaporative coolers on the market today. The Seeley international brand would be the largest brand in Australia. They manufacture 3 different brands the Coolair Braemar and Breezair. The other large Australian manufacturer is  Bonaire they also manufacture the Celair brand. The last major brand is Brivis all these brands have been well established in the Australian market place. The brands are considered to be very reliable and have stood the test of time. We are now starting to see cheaper overseas brands enter the market. When deciding on a brand make sure you have done your homework as to the quality of the product.

Advantages of Evaporative Air conditioning Perth

Evaporative air conditioning Perth plastic dropperWhen the nights are cool you can draw fresh cool into your home from the cool outside air. Evaporative air conditioning systems move large quantities of fresh cool air through out your home. This forces stale air out of open doors and windows. The Running costs of an evaporative air conditioning are far cheaper than reverse cycle air conditioning.The hotter and dryer the climate the better performance you can expect. Evaporative air conditioning systems Perform well in an open living environment. Great for families that have kids running in and out of the house as there is no need to keep closing the doors.

The cost of Electricity is rising on a regular basis. Evaporative air conditioning Perth is far cheaper to run than ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems. The initial cost of installing a ducted evaporative cooling system is half the price of a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system .

Disadvantages of Evaporative air conditioning

The weather pattern is constantly changing in Perth. We are now experiencing more humid days. This is by far the biggest disadvantage because it makes your home very uncomfortable. When the home has large tiled areas it can make your floor slippery. Another point is the best temperature drop you will get from an evaporative air conditioning system will be 10 – 12 degrees from outside temperature to inside The Evaporative air conditioning Perth system does not offer a form of heating.

If you are looking for a ducted air conditioning Perth special on evaporative coolers contact us. We have some great specials to clear. We can offer a kit supplied as a diy option were you can save yourself hundreds of dollars. By selecting the diy option you can have the comfort of a professionally designed system with friendly advice on how to save your self time and money.

Ducted Air Conditioning Prices 2016

Ducted Air Conditioning Prices 2016 are very competitive at present. As we all know the Ducted Air Conditioning Prices 2016retail sector has been very sluggish and the Perth air conditioning sector has been affected. People at present are trying to save money were possible because every bodies budget is tight.  Everybody wants to save money but in my opinion we cant afford to lose quality when saving money. Because people tend to forget which costs more in the long run, or the item doesn’t do the job it was intended to do.

So here is my check list which I consider a must when comparing ducted air conditioning prices 2016 and there suitable for the purpose.

  • Is the air conditioning system suitable for the application.
  • What is my budget and is it realistic.
  • Am I looking for a particular brand and why.
  • Who do I buy from and do they offer value for money.
  • Do I want fully installed or Diy installation. (A great way to save money)
  • Were is the product made and what is its reputation.
Ducted air conditioning prices 2016 I see 4 separate different types

These 4 areas the prices can change quite a lot.

  1. Fully installed ducted evaporative cooling.
  2. DIY installation ducted evaporative cooling
  3. Fully installed Ducted Reverse Cycle
  4. DIY installation Ducted Reverse Cycle

What is the difference between these options you might ask. The simple answer is the price because like everything else in life you get what you pay for.

With all the Air Conditioning Perth companies they all have access to the same products. Where they are different is in the following areas. Design,service,buying power,quality of products they use, Knowledge, and finally the most important point of all. Is how they use that knowledge and how committed they are to deliver a quality service at a competitive price.

I will give an indicative price on the different categories on the ducted air conditioning price 2016 from lowest to the highest. Because there are to many variables to list so I will be general.

Evaporative Cooling Ducted Air Conditioning Prices 2016

  • The cheapest type buy far would be the ducted evaporative cooling diy kit. Prices would range from say $2000.00 up to $3800 depending on size,machine type,number of outlets and brand.
  • Ducted evaporative cooling fully installed brand and features play a role in this type of installation. but as a guide price would start from $3000.00 right up to $6000.00.
Reverse cycle air conditioning Ducted Air Conditioning Prices 2016


  • Ducted Reverse cycle diy installation with any air conditioning system there is a lot of manual work to do with any ducted air conditioning system.This is were you can save money you do some of the work. The brand and features once again play a large roll in the price of any ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system. the other part that can increase the price. Is the number of zones and outlets. A good price range indication could range from $4500.00 right up to $20,000.00 depending on the size of your home and the complexity of the design.
  • The final category is ducted reverse cycle air conditioning fully installed. This is a category that can differ just by using a different Air conditioning company. Because of the different design ethos and components used once again the brand and features play a large roll in the price. Another item that I have seen quite a bit is the over sizing of machines. A good price ranges from $6000.00 up to $30,000.00.

I hope this article has broken down some of the systems and differences available and options. Because it is a large decision and you should take your time with the choice. The time of year when you buy your system will also affect the price you pay. Buy your system in the cooler months and you will pay less through most air conditioning Perth companies.

So in Summary if you would like more information or you would like pricing more specific to your home or office or unit  call me on 9271 8643 or email me your plans to info@gmtair.com.au.

I would be only to happy to help and answer any other questions we supply and install all brands of Quality ducted air conditioning systems.



Panasonic Ducted Air Special

When you have a ducted air conditioning system installed the Panasonic ducted air special is a great way to save money . Panasonic have a get special on offer for the month of October and November.

The Special applies to a range of Panasonic ducted air conditioning systems. The systems must  be purchase through a member of the Panasonic specialist dealer network. Gmtair in Bayswater is a member and offers several different levels of Service.

  • Panasonic ducted air special fully installed.
  • Gmtair also supplies a Panasonic ducted air special fully design diy kit.

Panasonic ducted air Special fully installed

This service is like any other air conditioning Perth company. Gmtair  may come to your home and discuss your options. As an example, a brand of unit required to heat and cool your home. What size of unit that is needed to air conditioning your home. The areas of your home to heat or cool. These different aspects can possible change the brand of system required. Some brands will have different features to other brands. Just be careful if an air conditioning Perth company only offers one brand there are several reason for this.

  • Each different brand will suit some applications better than others.
  • No Brand can tick all the boxes (what you need to do is work out your wants and needs and choose the air conditioning brand that suit those best.) Not the brand that give the salesman the best commission.
  • There is a price difference between brands on the market for a reason (Quality and reliability) don’t get caught up in the marketing spin.

Gmtair Panasonic ducted air special fully design diy kit

Gmtair services a unique place in the market with over 32 years in the air conditioning Panasonic Ducted Air SpecialPerth industry. They manufacture there own quality components unlike most other air conditioning company’s. There are 2 very important reasons for this.

  • The first and most important is the Quality and an example of this is. The best insulated Flexible ducting on the Perth market. Made from locally produce products that meet all the relevant Australian standards.
  • Reliability once again we will only use products that are proven an example would be our steel Motorised dampers a lot of companies will use plastic. In my opinion steel will stand the test of time better.

At Gmtair we supply wholesale to the Perth air conditioning industry. We also supply fully designed ducted air conditioning systems. This ensures the continuing supply of quality air component to the market.

When considering were to buy your Panasonic Ducted Air Special look at what experience they have in the market. Ensure they listen to you wants and needs and the air conditioning Perth company uses quality components.

If you would Like a quote from Gmtair email us through your plans or give me a call on 9271 8643 or even stop by the factory for advice.



Ducted Air conditioning Perth Tablet Special

Ducted Air conditioning Perth Tablet SpecialDucted Air conditioning Perth Tablet Special.

Summer starts today and the hot weather is coming so now is the time to act to have a reliable Samsung ducted air conditioning system installed in your before Christmas with prices starting from $6000.00 for a small unit up $12000.00 for a large family home. If you take on a diy project you have the potential of saving even more money with Diy ducted air conditioning kits starting from $3400.00 dollars up to $8000.00 depending on the size of your family home.

With every ducted system fully installed or the diy option up until the end of December you will receive a free Samsung tablet via redemption. The Samsung tablet is valued at around $300.00. So with summer just around the corner why not treat your self to an early Christmas present and stay cool in your home with your ducted air conditioning Perth tablet special just for making a decision now. We can offer the level of service you require just send us a set of your house plans and we will design up a system to suit your way of life and to fit with in your budget with out compromising quality. We can either arrange to have the system installed within 7- 10 working days from time deposit is paid  or a diy kit with 2 working days from time payment is made. we will even deliver the kit to your door for the month December so act now and send in your house plans before the rush starts and stay cool this summer with a Ducted air conditioning Perth tablet special

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning

A Daikin ducted air conditioning system is the ideal way to cool and heat the whole of yourDaikin Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Perth home. Summer is fast approaching what better way to cool your home than using a Daikin ducted air conditioning system. I would consider the Daikin brand to have one of the largest and  most extensive range of ducted air conditioning systems on the market.

Applications of Daikin Ducted air conditioning systems

Daikin is used extensively In western Australia’s mining industry because of its reliability and serviceability. Daikin ducted air conditioning is used in a lot of domestic and commercial applications.The ducted air conditioning system  consists of an indoor unit and the out door unit. This is connected by coper pipe. This fan coil unit has flexible ducting connected distributing conditioned air through out your home. When your Daikin ducted air conditioning is installed in your home. The only visible parts are your wall controller, Return air grill and the air conditioning vents within each room.

Types of Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning systems

The Inverter is a great way to save money on running costs. Daikin has two models of inverters. A standard inverter is a cheaper option with a few less features than the premium inverter. A premium inverter can also reach your desired temperature faster than conventional air conditioners. When choosing a supplier for you ducted Daikin air conditioning system ensure they use Quality components.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning Perth diy

A good way to save money is installing your ducted Daikin air conditioning system your self. Have the system design by your air conditioning supplier. Gmtair in bayswater Manufacture there own flexible ducting and have a great reputation for supplying well designed quality Daikin ducted air conditioning systems.


So if you would like more information or an obligation free quote fro some one who has spent 30 years in The air conditioning Perth industry feel free to contact.



Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Special

Panasonic air conditioning perth Panasonic ducted  Air conditioning Perth special offer. summer is just about here and the weather is starting to get hot. Now is the time to act before the  thermometer starts rising. With every Panasonic ducted air conditioning system sold between the 1st of October and the 30th of Novemberer through a Specialist air network member you will qualify via redemption for a 40” VIERA FULL HD LED LCD TV. To save missing out on this wonderful promotion I would act now as the weather is already warming up.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a very efficient way of heating and cooling your home.with Prices starting from $5500.00 as a diy air conditioning kit  send us your plans and we will do a free quote. We only use high quality components like locally made good quality flexible ducting that conforms to the latest standards with out any short cuts. We  also use high quality steel motorised damper that wont twist and buckle in your roof space. The Panasonic inverter air conditioning system comes with a 5 year warranty .

Our installation time at present is 7-10 days from time deposit is paid so act now and it will be installed before the warm weather sets in or if you choose to install your self we can help you with a design, machine recommendations and helpful tips to make your installation hassle free. We can also  deliver the system to your door for an extra charge. If your require trades we have well experience guys we recommend and trust to do a good job.

A lot of air conditioning Perth companies will tell you diy ducted air conditioning is not a good idea because you will get it wrong. I totally disagree with that statement in fact I have seen some diy installations look better than some installed by professional installers. The important part of the purchase is the design it  is carried out by well experience professionals that design systems for a living. They will then also give you tips to make your installation hassle free and problem free.

Diy air conditioning is not for everyone so we offer a complete supply design and installation service also, we listen to your needs and wants and then design a system to suit using quality components at very competitive prices so email your plans now and you will be pleasantly surprise at the price.

Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Samsung Special 7.1 Kw

Ducted air conditioning perth special SamsungDucted Air Conditioning Perth Samsung Special 7.1 Kw, Summer is on its way and we have 2 only Samsung Ducted air conditioning Diy kits for sale. Just provide us some house plans and we can do a flexible ducting design to suit your home. If a 7.1 kw is too small we also have other size units available and different brands ready to go.

Now is the time to act before the summer rush start and you can still take advantage of pre season pricing. A ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is the perfect way to heat and cool your Perth home.

The Samsung ducted air conditioning special we have in stock at present will cool up to 50sq metres and is suitable for a small 3 x 1 home or a small unit. A typical 7.1kw Samsung ducted air conditioning system normally has up to 6 outlets and 4 zones The price on the system depends on the layout of your as an indication prices would start  $3600.00 supplied as a diy kit. Every thing you need for installing the system within your home.

If purchased within the month of September delivery of your Ducted Air Conditioning Perth Samsung Special 7.1 Kw will be delivered to your home in the Perth area free of charge so email us your plans now as we only have 2 system available at heavily discounted prices other size products and brands available.

Components used in ducted air conditioning systems

It is very important to choose the right quality of Components used in ducted air conditioning systems. Some people tend to look at the brand of unit and the price and not much else. This is a big mistake in my opinion. I will cover a few of the components and the differences in the quality and what potential problems poor quality parts may cause.

  1. Ducted air conditioning flexible ductingFlexible ducting is one of the most important parts of your ducted air conditioning system. A poor choice of contractor could mean the wrong product is used or he may use a inferior product. The flexible ducting standards have recently change and the product now has to be made to Australian standard. This over time might lift the standard of the products supplied to the Perth air conditioning market. Three  questions I would ask your air conditioning contractor. Is the product Australian made if he hesitates do your home work and ask his supplier. Is the product labelled with the appropriate standard and printed. What R rating of insulation is being supplied. The minimum R rating that should be getting used is R 1.0
  2. motorised damperMotorised Damper is another important part of your reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system. Because there are many different types of motorised dampers. which can plan a part in the overall design and performance of your system. We us a quality steel motorised and have done for the last eight years we have not had any fail. Different motorised dampers are used with different zone control systems. Several manufacturers have designed there own zone control gear. In turn you have to use there fittings and dampers this can push the cost up sharply. Some of the brand names are  Advantage Air they supply the My air system which uses plastic fittings with damper blades so you have to buy all there fittings and control panels and cables.
  3. Air diffusion is another important part of your ducted air conditioning system. Depending on the application there are several different types. A few example like circular ceiling vents, square 4 way blow ceiling diffusers and for specific applications. We also have linear diffuser which are well suited for high end homes or homes with bulk heads.

Ducted Air conditioning Air Diffusion

Running Costs Reverse Cycle

We have now had our Reverse cycle air conditioning system in and running for coming up Panasonic logo2 winters and I have been very surprised at how much it has cost us to run our system.

A lot of people use to tell me it was very expensive to run a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system and because I previously had a ducted evaporative cooling system I believed them. I live in the Perth hills and our options for heating are limited as we do not have natural gas in our area. So we went with a wood fire , as you would probably know maintaining a wood fire can involve a lot of work like cleaning fire out, chopping and stacking wood, lighting fire, cleaning chimney ect and to top it all off would only heat the room the fire was in effectively. On average we would use up to 5 ton a year the cost was around $1200.00.

panasonic condensor

We decided  it was time for a change and we installed a Panasonic ducted Inverter  reverse cycle air conditioning system.The size of our home we needed a 14 kw with 6 zones and 10 outlets the price was $10,400.00 the system was installed in the one day with minimal interruption to our daily schedule.  We now have a constant temperature controlled home without the hassle of doing all the other choirs that come with a wood heater as described above.

The surprising thing for me was the Running  Costs  Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning system. For a 60 day period we have not spent more than $200.00 on power costs for heating our whole of home to the desired temperature with the push of a button we run our system between 22-24 degrees. The maintenance is very little removing and cleaning a filter every 3 months. Panasonic fancoilSo if you are building a new home or looking for a change in your current air conditioning system. I would strongly recommend a Panasonic ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system and forget about the stories of being expensive to run. Providing you use a common sense approach to the temperature you set and the way you use your system I believe you will be pleasantly surprised like I was and on the humid days during summer you will be nice and cool and relaxed.

If you would like any more information on Running Costs Reverse Cycle  just drop me an email will only be to happy to answer any further questions.

Panasonic Ducted Air

Panasonic Ducted Air Conditioning is an effective way to heat and cool your home summer is on its way Panasonic Canstar 2014and they say it is going to be  long hot summer why not beat the rush and think ahead through the months of September and October we have some great deals on Panasonic ducted air conditioning system. This year Panasonic won the canstar award for the most satisfied award so if you are looking for problem free air conditioning look no further.

We can do a complete design supply and installation of your system if you wish or if you wanted to do a diy project we can help you with that also. You tell us the level of service you will require and we will Provide. By doing a diy project you will save up to $1000.00 depending on the size of your system. Some of my customers have sent in pictures that have exceeded the quality of the installations done by guys doing it for a living and they have save them selves a bucket of money at the same time.

For a completely installed system our lead time ranges from 7-10 days sometime even sooner just depends on time of year, we carry a large range of ducted systems in stock and a large range of components also our quickest time to date to get and order together was place 7.30 in the morning collected 4.00pm that afternoon tailored design  to there house plan we also carry a good range of Panasonic wall splits.

So if you are looking for a competitive quote on Panasonic ducted air call us on 92718643 or email us on sales@ductedairconditioningperthdiy.com.au

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