Air Transfer Hot or Cold Air in Perth

Air Transfer hot or cold Air in Perth is a great way of heating or cooling rooms in your home by using existing heating or cooling appliances there are lots of different names for the kits Air Transfer Kit

With air transfer kits you can transfer warm air form existing heat sources like a room that has a wood heater or a gas heater installed or a room that has a split system installed. For transferring cold air you would use an existing wall hung split that may be installed in an area such as main living area and you may want to transfer the cool air to bedrooms for night time use. The air transfer kit is a cheaper form of circulating warm or cool air around your home the amount of air can be controlled by the damper in the supply vents in each of your bedrooms.

What makes up Air Transfer Kits/Heat transfer kits

The  Air transfer kits consists of a in-line fan various different sizes from 150 diameter up to 250 Diameter the kits range from 1 outlet up to 4 outlets  along with y pieces and lengths of insulated flexible ducting, the price of kits can vary from $300.00 up to $600.00  depending on your application. The installation of all the duct work and grilles can be done by  well skilled handyman and would take up to 3-4 hours to install. For the electrical side of the installation you would need to use a qualified electrician. We can design the air transfer kit to suit your needs and give the best recommendations to suit your application.

Ensure the correct components are used in your air transfer kit

The important thing to remember when choosing an air transfer kit is to make sure insulated ducting is is used for the air transfer of hot or cold air in Perth if plain flexible ducting is used the system will be less efficient.There are many different types of flexible ducting available on the market the ducting that is used on air transfer kits should be a R1.0 rated product to minimise heat loss.

The hot air transfer kit / heat transfer kit is one of the cheapest forms of air movement on the market today works very well on the heating side as hot air rises it doesn’t work quite as well on the cooling cycle but does make a difference depending on the room that’s cooled.

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